Antar Spearmon


Antar Spearmon Artist“Engineers aren’t boring people, we just get excited over boring things”- Anonymous

An empty canvas, or canvases in my case, represents an exciting opportunity to add creative expression to the monotony of a bare surface. With each new piece, I set out to show that there’s more to geometric shapes than the mundane, boring forms that many people take them for. They twist, bend, expand, converge, oscillate, and contrast in vibrant and dynamic ways with colors that fill empty walls with style and character.

Each new piece is an adventure and it is most enjoyable when that journey can be shared with others. Whether it’s in the beginning when discussing how the installation can enhance the decor of a customer’s living space or at the end with an extended stare of a passerby, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my work with you.

– Antar A. Spearmon



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Abstract Geometric Art of Los Angeles, CA Based Artist Antar Spearmon